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Community Announcements

·Mar 22, 2016: Board meeting minutes posted.
·Aug 31, 2015: Board meeting minutes posted.
·Mar 20, 2015: Board meeting minutes posted.
·Mar 18, 2015: Board meeting minutes posted.
·Sep 08, 2014: Board meeting minutes posted.
·Jun 06, 2014: Annual Meeting Minutes posted
·Mar 13, 2014: Updated ARC form now available Please submit before making any exterior changes
·Mar 13, 2014: Updated ARC form (pdf version)

New to Woodcreek?

Woodcreek is a small, friendly community of single-family homes in southeast Durham, North Carolina. We are located just east of Barbee Rd, convenient to Duke, UNC, Research Triangle Park, Southpoint, and RDU airport. Residents of Woodcreek are a diverse group including students, young families, empty nesters, and retirees. You can read more on our About Woodcreek page, or if you thinking about moving in, be sure to read Why Choose Woodcreek? and check out some photos! Woodcreek residents also utilize the website Nextdoor for sharing community-related information.

Woodcreek HOA

The Woodcreek Homeowners Association exists to:
  • protect and increase property value
  • hear and address neighborhood concerns
  • maintain and improve common areas
  • organize and facilitate community events and meetings
In these efforts, we endeavor to enforce community covenants and bylaws (.doc) in a responsible and understanding manner.

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